GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF Download

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Download GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra Science PDF: Today, we have brought GS pointer magazine of Ghatna Chakra Publication, continuing this series. We have got a General Science book in which questions from Chemistry and Biology have been given. You can download this GS pointer magazine by clicking on the link provided below, and here we have also brought you the pdf of the Physics of Ghatna Chakra you can also download it from here.

For students preparing for SSC, Railway RRB ( Railway Recruitment Board ), UPSC, IAS, UPPCS, Civil Services, Central Government Jobs, or other Competitive Exams, reading Current Event Cycle General Science PDF will prove to be very important.

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GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra Book

And that’s why these questions are essential for you, so you download this book by clicking on the download link given below and start reading immediately.

You will get to read much important information about general science in this Sam Samyik Ghatna Chakra GS Pointer Samanya Vigyan PDF, which we tell through the list below.

GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra 7 Important Points of the Book

Chemistry (GS Pointer Chemistry)

    • Atomic structure
    • Chemical and physical changes, solutions, etc.
    • Inorganic chemicals
    • Metals, Minerals, Ores: Properties, Uses
    • Alloys
    • non-metals
    • Organic chemistry
    • Food Preservation, Nutrition, Medicine, etc.
    • Scavenger
    • Fertilizer
    • Miscellaneous

GS Pointer Biology

    • Subdivisions of biology 
    • Organic evolution
    • Classification
    • Organic fertilizers
    • Heredity
    • The cell
    • Human physiology
    • Blood transport system
    • Digestion and excretion
    • Photosynthesis
    • Vitamins & Nutrition
    • Endocrine glands, hormones
    • Functional
    • Disease and treatment
    • Genetic engineering and biotechnology
    • Miscellaneous

How to read this book – This book is only 65 pages, in which the questions and their answers of “General Science” have been divided into different sections.

Therefore, even if you read only ten pages in a day, this book will be finished in 5 days, but this type of book should not be stopped by reading it only once, but this type of book should be included in the routine so that it can be read only once.

It would help if you read the book once every 10-15 days, and gradually, it will be remembered ultimately. And progressively, the time is taken to repeat it will start decreasing.

Details of GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF Download

GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF
GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF
Book Name: GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra Science PDF Book
Publication: Ghatna Chakra
PDF Size: 10 MB
Pages: 65
Quality: High
Format: PDF
Language: Hindi And English
Source: Google Drive

GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF Download

GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF Download In Hindi
GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra PDF Download In Hindi

Download – GS Pointer Ghatna Chakra Science PDF In Hindi


That’s why all of you Ghatna Chakra GS PDF was made available here so that you can see here as Ghatna Chakra Books Demo, and if you find it suitable and helpful, then order through the link given below and get it home and prepare healthy friends Ghatna All Books Link of Chakra GS Pointer.

Thank You.

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